Mystical Match Mastery Podcast with Nasahrhette Gbawa

You Are Not A Christian

January 08, 2023 Nasahrhette Bawa Season 3 Episode 1
Mystical Match Mastery Podcast with Nasahrhette Gbawa
You Are Not A Christian
Show Notes

I'm not going to lie. When I started practicing IFA I went on a search to prove that Jesus didn't exist. But I found out sooo much more! The Jesus that we're being taught about is not real. The Jesus of the King James Version is a manipulated version.

The truth of the matter is that The King James version represents an appropriated version of the Jewish tradition, Yeshua, and his teachings.  You will never learn who Yeshua is by reading the King James Version. 

So I put that book down and asked for guidance. Now I fully understand my place within this community. I once sought to break down this tradition. But now I know my role is to usher a return to the real and true reason why Yeshua's message is so powerful, that is survived through its bastardization.

The message is here, resurrection is now! The Body of Christ should abandon Christianity and return to the sacred texts, practices, and rituals that Yeshua himself used to build his message.

Yeshua was initiated into the Essene Sect of Judaism. He studied the Torah, the Nevi'im, the Ketuvim, and the mystic arts. He believed every person was an eternal soul that lived forever. he believed that every being embodied the Kingdom of God and that the job was to learn to embody God's energy. This is not the man that is discussed in the bible.

Listen while I give you compelling reasons why Christianity as it is being "sold" today will no longer stand the test of time. We must learn the man, learn the traditions, and put real effort into actualizing the resurrection which will only happen through man!

Listen and learn more.

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