Mystical Match Mastery Podcast with Nasahrhette Gbawa

God’s Design For Man & Woman!

February 13, 2023 Nasahrhette Bawa Season 3 Episode 3
Mystical Match Mastery Podcast with Nasahrhette Gbawa
God’s Design For Man & Woman!
Show Notes

We can learn something from Atom and Evening ( "the moment right before any event,). The time between sunset and darkness. fem. proper name, Biblical first woman, Late Latin, from Hebrew (Semitic) Hawwah, literally "a living being," from base hawa "he lived" (compare Arabic hayya, Aramaic hayyin).

I am studying sacred contracts. I’ll be teaming up with Shamanic Astrologer, Kelly Beard to share all we know about soul contracts and divine partnerships!

I think that we speak so much as individuals when speaking in the bible. We have lost site on it’s purpose. Its purpose is not to be a source of judgment but it is to provide symbols for us to use as guidance.

As we are endeavoring to use spiritual practice as wound care, we have to understand that some of those wounds can not be healed except by being loved well. So as we endeavor to learn how to use relationships for spiritual ascension, I think it’s advantageous to look at couples in the bible, how their relationships were tested, and how their faith was strengthened. 

I feel we are still only using the Genesis model of relationships and we don’t look to the powerful lessons that other couples can teach us. We can speak of how Atom blamed the woman and how the woman blamed the snake to shape our relationships. Or we can look to stories like Ruth and Boaz and Rachel and Jacob. Solomon and Shulammith

The way that we understand scripture will impact how we apply scripture in our lives. So let’s take a fresh look at what God expects of us in Union!

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